‘Twas a busy weekend…

As I settle into my new surroundings, I’m exploring southwestern Louisiana culture. Thursday evening was my first visit to Cafe Mosaic’s monthly poetry reading and open-mic gathering. LSUE’s Kenneth Elliott read a group of vividly imagined, thematically dark poems laced with irony. He was followed by a well-received young acoustic guitarist, whose name I won’t type for fear of misspelling it.

December 1 was warm–pleasant weather for the Coushatta Farmers Market, though not quite seasonal for the Christmas parade. The riders tossed goodies to bouncy spectators, and I caught a pair of big gold beads. John Cannon’s giant broccoli heads were so perfect I got two, and the rabbits and kittens were adorable. Recorded Christmas songs and a blue rubber snowflake were as close to winter as the event could get, but we all still had a good time. (Note to organizers: the overly loud volume made it difficult to talk to vendors and friends.)

Yet the highlight of the day was in downtown Eunice, with visits to the Nutcracker Museum, The Eunice Public Library (open until 5 pm!), Ruby’s courtyard on 2nd Street, and the Liberty Theater for “Rendez Vous des Cajuns.” Finishing with a late meal at D.I.’s Cajun Restaurant, we passed a good time, yea.


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