New Year 2013

It’s a slow morning in the Ledoux Library, where I write this blog as a reflection on academic librarianship, scholarly endeavor, and higher education in the state of Louisiana. Classes don’t start for another week and a half, and faculty workshop isn’t until Monday. I have finished my grant proposal draft, too. So I’m looking out the window into the gray sky stretching above the rice field, wondering about the people who will come to LSU Eunice seeking education, job training, a better life, or the college experience. The library can help with of all those things.

“Even a better life?” you ask. Well, it’s quiet here, which is the first step toward thinking the future. If your present is clogged with electronic data,  jingling ads, rushing traffic, and the minor irritations of daily life, there isn’t much space for the future. Take a mental break: close your eyes, listen to the library’s quiet, and imagine a book. . .

See you soon, I hope.  Bring your mobile device if you must; the library’s collections includes e-books and electronic articles. OR be old-fashioned and read a newspaper, or browse the stacks in your favorite subject, interest, or hobby.


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