Forty days and forty nights…

On this first day of classes of the spring semester 2013 at LSUE, I arrived under my umbrella this morning thinking “I’m glad I don’t have an 8 o’clock class to teach.” The weather is wet enough to rain but not cold enough to snow or freeze. “Wx” is the symbol my Weather Channel app uses for non-temperature events like precipitation and wind. You may have already known that “wx” is Morse code shorthand for “weather,” but I didn’t. Joni Mitchell is right: life is for learning.

Continuing rain and high water forced the closing of the campus last Thursday. Thanks to the Rave Alert which kept me from driving in anyway, but no thanks to my online laziness, which kept me from seeing the message until I was up (with the usual predawn alarm-clock), showered, dressed, and fed.

So I went back into the kitchen, brewed a triple pot of dark coffee, and sat back down to enjoy my unexpected leisure. First up was the covered side patio, with the two outside kittens.

(How many people find an apartment to rent that comes with its own cats?)

Drake, the black one with vampire fangs, was meowing for morning food. Since the night I saw four opossum kittens (sometimes called “joeys”) come up on to eat every crumb the felines had left, I bring the bowl in overnight. Jeri, the one-eyed bobtailed grey, zoomed inside to forage for herself. She doesn’t have far to go, though, since the three indoor cats keep their plates right inside the kitchen/hall doorway. Despite the rain and damp air, the temperature was mild enough for me to eat two plates of pumpkin cookies with my cups of coffee. What a change from south Texas, where it hadn’t rained as much all year as it has in one week over southwest Louisiana.

I regret that there isn’t much else interesting to write about–washing my clothes at the dreary laundromat on Crowley’s main street, checking the mail for a book which hasn’t arrived yet, finally unpacking the last two boxes from the Halloween move.


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