Libraries, Lizards, and Late Winter

Below is a post I found in the draft box: I’m still learning this program, so travel back six weeks in time with me. Not much has changed except that the air conditioners are working too well and tomorrow I hope to be still asleep at 8 am!


TO-DO–An underdeveloped collection of reptile books, digital epistemology, cartoons of sleeping cats, library instruction for college freshmen, overcast sky, an 8 am class tomorrow, not enough coffee for my bleary eyes. . . but students are strolling in with their textbooks, the library is alive.

This morning seems weighed down by the opaque grey outside the window. The relentless weather is also a metaphor for the burden of current budgetary politics in Louisiana–not enough taxes, nor enough wealth for citizens to pay for their own education or medical care (not to mention parks, roads, clean water, safe food, and good government).

Along with their Bengal and New Orleans Saints pullovers, a few students are wearing shorts–in the last week of January, yet! Well, it’s a balmy 65 degrees outside, which is one reason why we live in the South. . . Now that the heating system is repaired, I wonder if the air conditioners (called “chillers”!) will also need attention. If this isn’t evidence of climate change, it is a sign that basic infrastructure–and in the South air conditioning is basic–must be maintained even as the world changes. Computers suffer from climate fluctuations even more than do humans; wearing gloves to type in is inconvenient, having heat stroke might be dangerous, but digital system failure–easily caused by high heat and humidity–could destroy parts of the human cultural heritage. “A voice cries in the wilderness”. . .


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