Food Tales for a Friday

It is mornings like these which give Mondays a bad name–except that today is Friday

My lovely, mischievous, energetic tuxedo cat Bianca has been unable to keep her food down, so early this morning I dropped her off on the way to work to be examined by the vet. Since that errand took the time I normally use for eating cereal and brewing coffee at home, I drove through McDonalds for breakfast on the way to work.

At least there’s good coffee to be had at the golden arches. I was nearly salivating for Cinnamon Melts–a rare treat for an early morning. I reached into the takeout bag and felt, not the corners of a cinna-melt box, but something soft, like a tortilla. Had I been given–horrors– someone else’s order?  I had paid for mine and received the correct receipt. Rats!  Even the coffee was only a medium size, not the large I was planning to indulge in.  So for this morning at least, “I’m lovin’ it”–breakfast sausage and McMuffins are how much of small-town and working America eats.  

Does the rest of the world seem to be coming apart as well, or is that perception just a result of fast-food sausage and cheese? The lead editorial in this morning’s NYTimes online news digest blames Republicans again, this time for using an unfortunate news week to vilify and threaten the Obama administration. Louisiana’s governor is non-campaigning in New Hampshire, although the legislature is working on a budget to salvage what it can of the public-service wreckage resulting from his ideological privatization and consequent reduction of public education, health, and other services. Against all this, what is a aging librarian with a sick cat and the wrong breakfast to do?



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