Quilt Exhibit Inspired by Megan’s Guitar and Darrell Bourque

[The following is the description I wrote for an exhibit in LeDoux.]

Megan’s Guitar is a piece of silk fabric art by Megan Barra, used as the cover picture for Darrell Bourque’s newest collection of poems, from which he read here on September 25, 2013. Bourque was inspired by that quilted hanging, which he saw in a friend’s living room, to produce new poems for this book. LeDoux Library was also inspired by those creative acts to showcase a display of the art of quilts.


Quilting is a utilitarian craft thousands of years old. Recycling old cloth scraps into warm bedclothes, jackets, wall hangings, and other objects, quilters have often created colorful and meaningful objects prized by their families and by collectors.

Using the same craft process, The Names Project has collected more than 48,000 individually quilted squares into a memorial which has become “the largest work of community-created folk art in the world” (www.aidsquilt.org).

The quilts on display in this room were loaned by local quilters (listed below). Some of the quilts are new, some old; some were made for practice and some for particular occasions.  As a legacy of Dr. Sue Forrest’s service to LeDoux, her quilt Sea Shells is permanently housed in the children’s room upstairs.

The quilters and their quilts:

Violet Brauner, New Orleans.   Lone Star.

Madelaine Brauner Landry, Kinder.   Sampler

Sue Forrest, Eunice.   Sea Shells.

J and B Quilting and Fabric, 688 Napoleon Avenue, Sunset.    Black and Pink Fan; Red and Blue Twin; Children’s Bright; Asian Print; Batik Wall Hanging

Gayle Lund, Salt Lake City, Utah.   Pioneer Sampler.


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