Not for nanowrimo or nablopomo…

I wanted to write a nanowrimo, but 50,000 words by November 30 would have left me no time to write the twenty pages due December 6.

It’s about the importance of bibliographical knowledge to novice researchers and writers learning to document their work.

I don’t know what my novel would have been about. I have no outline, no characters in mind, no voice to speak in.

This piece could become a nanowrimo, but not this month. I’m writing it in short bursts to explore the form of Twitter.

In the NYT recently, Anna Holmes reprimanded writers who reject Twitter. I felt  reprimanded.

What’s the difference between Tweeting and texting (besides the wider audience)?

This whole piece is only 110 words, but it’s seven tweets so far, written as one side of a dialogue–could you tell?

Oh, you thought I was just selfing? “selfing”? Talking to myself, writing to no audience? Isn’t that the point of a blog, to pretend that one has an audience?

Well, it’s Monday morning on a cool beautiful November…back to my other writing project.


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