Liberation Under Fire

The Paris office of the French newspaper Liberation, founded fifty years ago by Sarte and Beauvoir, was invaded by a man with a shotgun. A photographer was seriously wounded. Fifty years ago this week John F. Kennedy, the United States president, was shot to death by a man with a rifle. In fifty years we have put to use nothing that we have learned about violence.

Forty-five years ago, librarian and informatin scientist Jesse Shera wrote that “the problem is not that man has too much knowledge, but that he does not have enough knowledge of the right kind. The only remedy for too much knowledge is more knowledge—knowledge of how to use the knowledge we have. “*   And here we enter the realm of values.

“If there ever was a time when society needed constructive action based on valid information it is most certainly now. The problems of our society are mountain-high, they reach to the skies.”–Jesse Shera, 1968

So I’m writing a piece putting to use what I’ve learned about books and research. It’s slow going, but stay tuned.

*”The Sociological Relationships of Information Science.” JASIS  22. 2 (1971): 76-80.


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