If I did everything I want to do… (part 2)

…I’d practice music more often. (If my piano teacher is reading this, I haven’t given up.)

During my first recital performance (at House of Pizza in San Antonio), I told the  audience  that I was proof  an old dog can be taught new tricks. So now I’m trying another new one. Cajun music–a blend of  folk music, Texas swing, western, country,  with some of everything else–is a local favorite.

Today I registered for an LSUE continuing education class in beginning Cajun fiddle, taught by a Cajun fiddler in Arnaudville with a master’s degree in music from Brown University and a list of gigs from Henderson to Shreveport, from Los Angeles to New York. Our first class is next Tuesday night.

In the heart of the Cajun prairie, in the home of the Cajun Music Hall of Fame and Museum (240 South C.C. Duson Street in Eunice, Louisiana, less than three blocks from the National Park Service’s Jean Lafitte Prairie Acadian Cultural Center), I’ll be right at home.


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