It’s almost Easter

–but not yet, despite the reappearance of pastel colors, eggs and bunnies, and chocolate goodies in the stores. Today is Maundy Thursday, tomorrow Good Friday, then Holy Saturday, and finally the Resurrection ! Nigella Lawson’s cookbook Feast includes a recipe for hot cross buns, a traditional Good Friday treat which I adapted into a pie recipe for the Cajun Pie Day contest at La Bonne Terre. Nigella says that her recipe is not difficult except for “the patience to sit around while they rise and the faith to believe they will. Very appropriate.”

For this season, yes, and for this college environment as well. Learners are works in progress; teachers may help, direct, advise, and actively wait for their students to rise, with “the faith to believe they will.” The educators themselves are still learning and rising. May we all have patience, faith, and intellectual joy.


NaPoWriMo April 17

New Joy


Joy after long wait

Dark retreating, withdrawing

Before the light  of Love.


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