NaPoWriMo April 21

                Coffee Break Draft

Love the li’l muffins–go ahead and pour–

Little muffins left me wanting more–

Another cup of coffee. Sitting near the door

Let’s talk

About what

May come.


Turn off your phone to a collective moan–

We enter the present, the known unknown.

What passes for the mind

In the 21st computerized century

Empties in the electronic stillness

Shuddering to a halt.


Silence. Spoons clink against ceramic.

No Styrofoam or plastic here.

Talk, usually intense, becomes desultory.

It slows,

Then stops.



In the quiet we can

hear the cowbirds

see the wind

watch our wandering thoughts.


BONG the clock chimes the end of our idyll

Time to return to digitizing our heritage

And budgeting the worth of our work.



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