NaPoWriMo April 26

Meditation on Violence

Rip up the sweet kitten poems, the ferny floor, moon-June-spoon, hearts and flowers, the  rhyme schemes and line lengths from high school English.

F. King and Bill Windowhead Gates have declared the new School of the Fund. “Completion” is your new goal.

Wreck the teacher, scar the student, eradicate the major subject. Ignore the collateral damage as you aim at your goal.

Explode the credit hour, the course, the major and minor curriculum, late-night bull sessions, early morning lectures, last-minute papers written in a whirl of inspiration.

Replace the earned degree worn with the mortarboard and a solemn procession ending in tossed caps and cheers from fond family and friends.

Focus on the near future. Finish up and move on. Find a career, earn a salary.


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