Bibliosaurus: A Rant

Trying to find the good in the trend toward the business model/Googlization of education, I am taking a MOOC about how to teach online. Which aspects of a course are better when conducted online and which face to face? Take a class discussion, for example. Introverts might feel more comfortable typing on a keyboard; make sure the activity is explicitly related to the course;  students are used to computers anyway, and isn’t multimedia more fun than musty old books?

Here is a random screen shot from YouTube of comments on a video, made by a writing class in the UK, about digital literacy in the age of Google. 

utb comments

Is it too small to read? Try again, knowing that some names are nicknames, several words are mistyped, a few are misspelled, one comment repeats a previous comment, and one seems irrelevant to the subject. (And the page isn’t much worse than the discussion board posts I’ve read in the MOOC.)  Why is this sort of thing preferable, in 21st-century pedagogy, to typed papers written well and proofread carefully? 


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