Resistance Is Futile?

Today’s reports that Louisiana higher education funding may be cut by one-third is striking fear into the hearts of administrators and employees. It’s absurd to eliminate one-third of higher education. Yet how have politicians and administrators responded? Not with a loud “YOU MUST BE CRAZY,” but by trying to figure out what else might be cut.

My suggestion is to sell the LSU football team to the NFL. Its price would be at least a billion dollars, since the average NFL team is worth $1.43 billion, according to Forbes magazine. The current state government has cut $673 million of higher education funding since 2007; the suggested $300-mil cut would bring the total to about a billion dollars.

As you can tell by the title of this weblog, I love the Tigers. But cutting more college and university budgets won’t solve the budget problem, and it would create a far more severe one. A less dramatic solution is to reenact the Stelly plan.

Send your ideas to the governor or to your state legislators. Act now.


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