I went to the movies yesterday. This is big news from me, because the last film I saw in its entirety was Jet Li’s Hero. Before I go back to a movie theater, I must buy earplugs.

The Imitation Game. Not the best title for the film (I would have called it Enigma), but the acting and cinematography were excellent. Direction was less satisfying, and the plot structure unnecessarily choppy, leaving the central mystery of  Alan M.Turing’s life unsolved. One nitpick: why is a woman under the control of her parents in WWII Britain wearing so much makeup?

I have started a project about the history of information technology and war, so the film did double duty as fun and food for work. It was pleasing to find in our library the 1983 book on which the film was based, by Andrew Hodges, plus a very short summary of his work, titled simply Turing (in “The Great Philosophers” series from Routledge).  Hodges’ writing seems to be as concrete, logical, and honest as Turing’s work, and more so that the reductionism of the film. I look forward to reading the book.

All this plus popcorn and a large coke! A scholar-librarian’s life is not boring, and library books are not dusty.


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