Chicken Little is right, this time.

Even the New York Times noticed how badly the state of Louisiana is operating. Unfortunately, the accompanying picture was of Gov.Jindal surrounded by young people thrusting their portable computers at him. (Are those things communicators or phasers?)

So many rumors and doomsday suggestions are flying around that it’s a wonder anyone here without a fat 401K can stay sane, let alone get any work done. The bill for anti-tax ideology is now due: because the state will not tax in good faith to pay for itself and its educational, health, cultural, infrastructure, and other needs for a functioning society, those functions are deteriorating, perhaps on their way to collapse. As another writer said recently, it’s easy to keep a budget balanced if it doesn’t have to pay for anything. Americans for Tax Reform and Americans for Prosperity are working hard against taxes, but they don’t need to use a hospital, state park, library, police station, school, college, or highway in Louisiana. They probably aren’t even staying in hotels and eating at restaurants, though the taxes on their rooms and meals would not stop the destruction of the public state of Louisiana.



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