Texas Has All the Fun

For comic relief in Louisiana, there’s nothing like Texas. The governors of these two states share similar abilities, including the knack of making fallacious economics sound good for taxpayers and voters. This month, Louisiana legislators are wrestling with the budget mess created in Bobby Jindal’s seven and a half years as governor, but hey–Greg Abbott listened to his citizens’ concern and ordered the National Guard to “observe” his own country’s Jade Helm war games in case there’s a takeover attempt. (Like the federal government doesn’t have enough to do.) If you haven’t laughed yet, read Gail Collins’ NY Times opinion piece “The Alamo and Walmart.

no gestapo in bastropo by Jay Janner for Austin AMerican Statesman
[Photo: Jay Janner for the Austin American-Statesman.]

At an information session in Bastrop on Monday, command spokesman Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria fielded questions about whether Jade Helm 15 will involve bringing foreign fighters from the Islamic State to Texas, whether U.S. troops will confiscate Texans’ guns and whether the Army intends to implement martial law. (Kaplan)

(If only Lt. Col. Lastoria had just answered “Yes” to those questions. If only Molly Ivins were still alive and writing.)

If Senator Cruz were a responsible leader instead of a demagogue, he would have worked to make that war-game plan less “dangerous” to his state. And if Governor Jindal does run for President, look closely at the educational, health-care, and fiscal wreckage in Louisiana before you cast a ballot.


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