Organizing from the Roots of the Jardin

This morning I have a meeting with the mayor to discuss the community garden, which after a good start is in need of more energy and people with time to keep it organized and connected.

8 am–arrive at work, spend some time talking with coworkers [build working relationships]

9:50–on my way out, speak with two administrators who are garden-supportive [more connections, contacts]

10 am–at City Hall waiting for my appointment with the mayor, I talk with his secretary, who had a student job here transporting and shelving the books for the brand new library [another connection, maybe for the 50th anniversary program. The secretary suggests another person to help with the garden.]

10:15 am–talk with the mayor about the garden community and a City Hall worker who will put the Jardin on the city’s website.phocas the gardener Her community group might also be interested in the garden as a project [truth to power. The mayor has been supportive since the beginning.]

10:45 am–on my way to pick up a sandwich for lunch, I meet a bystander and talk with him for a few minutes [you never know…]

11 am–getting my sandwich, I talk with the manager about the garden as a local source of fresh produce [another link for the garden. I get his phone number.]
All this before noon. There’s hope reblooming.

St. Phocas, patron of gardeners


One comment on “Organizing from the Roots of the Jardin

  1. porchtalkmbl says:

    That is my daily routine to a “T” — mama says “a stranger is just someone you haven’t met yet.”
    The community does support the garden, the campus and so much of what goes on here in Eunice — we have a lot for which to be grateful.

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