Gardening with Bobcats

You may have read about Sherburne the bobcat on Facebook. He was very ill, ignored for a while, but eventually rescued by a hunter who cared about him. This post is a draft, a work in progress, to support life on earth and the work of those who help. People together can do a lot more to make a difference for bobcats, for humans, and for the rest of the planet.Big purrs director and cat

You too can help. Donate to the Louisiana Bobcat Refuge. Vote, like, and share to make the refuge’s director the Acadiana Hero for October. If she wins, the refuge will receive $3000 (which is needed, since bobcats eat a lot!)

Bobcats are your friends. They won’t eat pizza with you, or like you on Facebook, but bobcats share our planetary home. Like other creatures, bobcats deserve our respect. They are quiet, patient animals–good examples for our busy, computerized, multitasking society. And they are the mascot for the local high school.

Bobcats are not very well protected under Louisiana law; their population has probably declined since 2003 (though the state keeps no records). Once the last one dies or is killed, there will be no more patient, quiet, beautiful bobcats, and the world will be irrevocably changed.

Introducing a library program about the Louisiana Bobcat Refuge

Introducing a library program about the Louisiana Bobcat Refuge


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