It Is Official: We Are Desperate

Call for Papers:  Against the Grain special issue: Emerging from the Dark(room): Tales of Adversity and Triumph.

Do you have a noteworthy tale of woe in the sphere of collection development?  I invite you to submit brief abstracts (1-2 paragraphs) no later than Friday, April 1 for the September 2016 issue of Against the Grain.

{Hoping this is an April Fools’ joke, but if it’s not, here’s my contribution.}

From my college roommate Cindi Ware Hayes :

We came to work. There was no money.  We accepted gifts through the kindness of strangers.  We went home.

We came to work.  There was still no money.  Oh, no strangers. We went home.

We came to work.  There is no money?  No gift horses.

Multiply that times 5 days a week, 51 weeks a year.


PB’s Headlines and Subject Lines

LOUIS Footprint: #10010 EBSCO EDS Discovery Subscription Clean-up

LSUE IT New Incident #8,623

EBSCO Support Case #2018558

Credo Reference Re: website URL change for LSU Eunice

REMINDER: U of Chicago Journals Moving to New Website

New Films On Demand Platform – Important Proxy Server Update

RE: bad catalog record for Old Man and the Sea–here’s another one

Internet outage affecting off campus functions.

Re: Our chapter is accepted! ! ! !

BR Advocate: For-profit colleges safeguarded, while other universities taking cut for budget shortfall

CHE’s Community Colleges: 2 Keys to Success for Underprivileged Students

Advocate: “The Louisiana Legislature on Tuesday stalled for the second consecutive day over how to solve the state’s budget crisis”

AAUP: Louisiana institutions faulted over faculty rights and layoffs of tenured faculty members

LSU president says budget threat to football is legitimate

Gov. John Bel Edwards: “These are not scare tactics. This is reality.”


Happy thoughts.



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